Offering an email service is a great way to generate recurring traffic, garner viral marketing (read:, and most importantly, publicise your website. This probably dawned upon you too, and you probably got all excited, until the realization that building your very own Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail is no small feat.

Enter Mail, run by the email experts who power email for over 100,000 domains and some 22 million mailboxes. Mail lets you setup your own custom email service for your company, organisation, educational institution, etc. at your own domain ( in no time letting you create Unlimited number of user accounts. Your fully branded email service can be a combination of Web Mail with various key features for speed, security and reliability.

Our integrated teamwork produces an overlap of ideas and technical knowledge, essential for high performance delivery. This makes us very multifaceted in our approach to complex sites.

Reasons why Mail Is Right for You
Unlimited Accounts
There are no restrictions on the number of User Accounts created.
Storage Space
The generous amount of Storage Space offered per mailbox is 6 MB.
Keep Visitors
Your email users will return daily to read and write mail.
Increase Traffic
@YourDomain addresses and your promotional signature promote your site on every message sent.
Additional Service to Increase your Traffic
A Plug-in-Search engine that enables users to search the Internet at your site.
Seamless Integration
Completely customized email service uses your logo, colors, template, font, message, and more.
Full-Featured Service
Robust user features include email notification, address book, email forwarding, HTML mail capability, account status reminder, message search, aliases, reply addresses.
A Leading Name in Email
Your email service is hosted on carriers-class infrastructure, which has provisioned over 22 million mailboxes for more than 100,000 sites.

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