In today's technology led world, change is inevitable…and the speed of change - relentless. The excitement of steering this change remains our source of strength. We are constantly clued on to the ever-transforming world, learning from it and contributing to the new business and technology order. The responsibility of adding milestones to the iWare Technologies story lies with each employee.

A career in iWare Technologies is not a static job - but is made up of a series of projects. With the personal growth of an employee in mind, roles and projects are changed. Organizational processes are an aid; employees enjoy the freedom and responsibility to manage their own careers.

No one in the organization is untouched by the excitement of working in a company that places a premium on initiative. Hierarchies blur, and responsibility levels cut across organizational boundaries.

Global exposure, diverse backgrounds, flexible working hours, vibrancy and fun - work life in a nutshell!

Locations: Nagpur

Do you possess strong technical skills in the new-age technologies that we work on? More importantly, do you seek to keep pace with technology innovations around the world by learning something new each day? Then submit your CV to us.

You must have two or more years of experience in some of the technologies listed below. In addition, we are looking for creativity, innovation, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment as part of a team. 

If you have more than four years of experience in software design, development and implementation, you may apply for the post of a technical / project leader or a project manager. To be considered, you must ideally possess strong technical anchorage, experience in customer interfacing in India as well as abroad and the ability to lead a team.

Skill set requirements
Development experience in:
eBusiness related :
Java related (EJB, JSP and Servlets, etc.)
Web servers and application servers (IIS, Java Web Servers, etc.) 
Databases (Oracle, SQL Server, etc.) 
Microsoft related (Visual Basic, Visual InterDev, ASP, COM / DCOM, MTS, etc.)
Systems related :
Unix, C, C++
VC++, Win NT

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