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When the whole world has entered in 21st century, why can't you?
Yes! Study the subject of visualization with this fully animated CD and get your concepts clear.

So, go ahead! Success is yours!
     Available in two versions
     •    Institute version ( Un-limited usage) Rs. 500/-
     •    Student version ( Limited usage) Rs. 250/-
     •    Fully animated and interactive
     •    Covers entire syllabus
     •    Hundreds of problems with step-by-step solution of each
          with ample tips, hints and short cut methods
License Type Trial (3 Trial Chances only) , Unlimited after Registration.
Cost Student Ver. Rs. 250/- Institute Ver. Rs. 500/-
Payment Mode Cheque/DD Only
System Requirement Pentuim II or above, 256MB RAM, 100MB HardDrive Space
Operating System Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, 2003 Server, Vista, windows 7
  1. Download Edutainer_Setup.exe from the above link on your hard drive.
  2. Run setup by Double clicking on Edutainer_Setup.exe (Run in Administrator mode).
  3. Follow the Instruction on each screen and proceed the setup by clicking "Next".
  4. After Installion has been successfully finished ,start the Program from Program -> Edutainer->
    Edutainer , or double clicking on the Icon "Edutainer" on the Desktop
  5. Note :- The Software Program is in Trial Mode till Activation Code is not entered. To Get the
    Activation Code you need to purchase it by depositing a Cheque/DD of Rs.250/- for Student Version
    OR Rs. 500/- for Institute Version in either ICICI or SBI as per the instruction given on the
    Splash Page(1st Page) of the Software.
  6. After you have deposited the cheque click on the Register link to get the Activation Code.
  7. Fill out all the Required details and Press "Submit".
  8. Activation code will be sent to you at your email address.
  9. If you find in any of the above steps to please feel free to contact us at Edutainer@iwaretech.com
For Unlimited use of the software, Activation Code is necessary, and it is achieved by paying Rs.250/- for Student Version OR Rs. 500/- for Institute Version, through Cheque/DD in ICICI/SBI Bank as per the details given in the Software. After cheque/DD deposition please visit our Registration Page. ,Fill in all the required details along with the Product IDas per given on the software's splash page (1st starting page) and press "submit" button .We will email you your activation code as soon as possible.

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